Site Investigations + Remediation

Project Description

The Problem

Ambleside Environmental (Ambleside) was engaged to complete a Stage 1 and Stage 2 Preliminary Investigation, and Subsequent Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) and Remediation at a 12000 sqm industrial Site.

The Solution

Ambleside completed a Stage 1 Preliminary Site Investigation (Stage 1 PSI) which included a thorough review of the historical land use of the Site and identified Areas of Potential Environmental Concern (APECs) associated with current and historical land use at the Site and at neighboring properties.

A Stage 2 Preliminary Site Investigation (Stage 2 PSI) plan was developed and implemented to evaluate the environmental quality of soil and groundwater at the Site, at target locations based on the APECs identified within the Stage 1 PSI.  Investigation was completed by using subsurface drilling methods along with test pit methods advanced by hydraulic excavators.

Soil and groundwater was sampled and submitted for regulated contaminants of concern associated with each APEC.  Results were compared to applicable standards and indicated soil and groundwater was contaminated with regulated parameters.

Based on the findings of the Stage 2 PSI, a concurrent Remediation Program and DSI Program were developed and implemented.  As part of the DSI, test pits were advanced to investigate suspect areas, and concurrently, remediate accessible contaminated soils were identified on Site.

The Benefits

By completing a concurrent DSI and Remediation Programs, cost benefits were realized by limiting the need to bring multiple types of machinery on site, and by completing a concurrent investigation and remediation in areas which were known to exceed applicable standards.