If you are developing, remediating, or reclaiming lands, environmental permits and approvals are often required.  The permitting and approvals process helps regulatory agencies measure and understand the impact that a project may have.  As a local environmental consulting company, Ambleside Environmental is experienced and well-versed in this process and utilizes the Federal, Provincial, Municipal and agency specific environmental regulations and guidelines.  Call Ambleside Environmental for assistance getting approvals for:

  • Projects that involve the release of contaminants into the air or water, or onto land,
  • Projects that involve storing, transporting, or disposal of waste, or
  • Projects that involve land use changes.


Ambleside Environmental’s experienced team supports developers, industry and government agencies through each step of the regulatory reporting process to ensure a successful project outcome.


A Certificate of Compliance (COC) confirms that your contaminated residential or commercial land has been remediated to BC Ministry of Environment standards.  Because of our dynamic team structure, industry contacts, and local experience, Ambleside Environmental has the technical know-how to offer cost effective methods to expedite the certification process, always ensuring that all standards are met to protect the Client, human health and the environment.


Ambleside Environmental is appropriately qualified to acquire all necessary permits to enable us to complete your project.  In the City of Vancouver, for example, we might obtain the following, depending on the circumstances of your project:

• Street use permits
• Traffic special zone permits
• Remediation permits such as the Development permit for Remedial Excavations*

*Due to recent initiatives, the City of Vancouver now requires a development permit for soil remediation excavations prior to starting remedial excavation on private property, in addition to City lands.   Application requirements and process can be found at the City of Vancouver website: http://vancouver.ca/files/cov/soil-remediation-checklist.pdf

For additional information, please contact Ambleside Environmental.