Soil Characterization + Remediation

Project Description

The Problem

Due to the discovery of impacted unsourced fill and native soils at an old dry cleaning operation in Burnaby, BC, Ambleside Environmental (Ambleside) was engaged to characterize the soils intended to be shipped offsite during residential redevelopment, and subsequently design and implement a remediation plan. Ambleside faced time constraint limitations as we were contracted during residential redevelopment excavation.

The Solution

Ambleside completed the project using a site-specific project management approach.  This included using contracted excavation equipment and personnel mobilized onsite.

A test pitting program was utilized to:

1) Compare soil to regulatory standards (including soil relocation standards) prior to shipment/disposal offsite, and

2) Delineate onsite (and offsite) soil contamination.

Analysis of soil samples determined concentrations of regulated contaminants exceeded applicable standards, and as such,  Ambleside developed and implemented a remediation plan. The plan included the excavation and removal of contaminated soil offsite to an approved treatment facility.  Ambleside manifested this material during redevelopment excavation, allowing continual completion progress.  Once soil was removed, Ambleside field staff collected closure soil samples to determine that the remaining soil onsite met applicable standards.  Required documentation regarding the remediation was completed in the form of a Confirmation of Remediation report, and subsequently submitted to the BC Ministry of Environment.

The Benefits

Site-specific project management ensured the most efficient and cost-effective outcome for site redevelopment given the time constraints.  Ambleside developed disposal options for the Client, through multiple soil classifications (i.e. residential authorized disposal facilities vs. commercial authorized disposal facilities).  Working within complex site restrictions, the project was still delivered within the required time and budget, clearly demonstrating Ambleside’s project management skills.   Regulatory site criteria were met efficiently, on budget and within required timeframes.  Following the remediation of soil, the construction management team contracted Ambleside to monitoring the discharge water, as per City of Burnaby requirements, throughout the remainder of building construction.