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UST + Site Investigation + Remediation

A historical underground storage tank containing heating oil was leaking from a residential property onto a City of Vancouver (the City) owned laneway. Ambleside Environmental (Ambleside) was engaged to complete an onsite underground storage tank remediation and subsequent offsite Updated Stage 2 Preliminary Site Investigation, and subsequent Remediation.

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UST Removal + Remediation

Ambleside Environmental (Ambleside) was engaged to provide soil characterization certification for soil to be shipped offsite from a residential redevelopment.  Soil characterization ensures soil shipped to soil receiving facilities meets permit requirements. Upon Ambleside’s investigation, a former Underground Storage Tank (UST) removal was uncovered (i.e. fill sand).

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Commercial Underground Storage Tank

For due diligence purposes, the owner of an older low-rise apartment building wanted to remove an underground storage tank from the rear parking area of their property. The underground storage tank was unused for several decades and situated in a high use area. A site visit identified the close proximity of the storage tank to the foundation of the building and the presence of approximately 4600L of bunker oil within the tank.

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